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Survival Arena:

Dominating the Battle Royale Landscape

The Vission

Welcome to Metawander, the ultimate battle royale experience that takes adrenaline-pumping combat to new heights.

We are Metawander, passionate creators of immersive gaming adventures.


Game Concept

Dive into a heart-pounding world where only the strongest survive.

Metawander offers a unique blend of intense action, strategy, and a visually stunning environment.

Key Features

Key Features

Unique Selling Points


Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Sky is the limit, from choosing you neighbourhood ground to fighting around the best cities around the world, you can configure your battleground based on your wishes.

Immersive Storyline: The best team will rule the city!! Have you ever dreamed of playing by your own rules?! Then start fighting and become the best!!

Cross-Platform Play: Connect with friends and foes alike across multiple platforms for a truly global competition.

Monetization Strategy is very well established, therefore will be more ways that you can earn
and improve your character.

Winning battles will be the main monetization strategy, however you cand earn also by creating weapons or earning them and sell them
on the Metawander Marketplace.


Free-to-Play Model
The model will be free to play until a certain point when it will be necessary to upgrade your character and your weapons in order to start winning battles.

In-App Purchase
You will be able to buy weapons, accessorize for your character as well as battlegrounds.

Seasonal Passes and Events
There will be constant events on the platform that will have high rewards for winning teams.

Market Opportunity

Growing Genre

Exponential growth of the battle royale genre.

Target Demographics

Primary audience will be gamers from 16 to 35 from all over the world having gaming preferences in arcade games.


This is who we are!

Our team members are professionals with relevant experience in each of the areas of expertise. We believe that, as a complete lineup, we are fully qualified to deliver a great product.

Vlad-George Dumitrescu


Vlad is an experienced manager with qualifications in multiple industries, from hospitality to business and legal. Crypto has been of great interest for the past 4 years and has moved his focus on developing businesses in this area. With experience in sales will be a great link between the team and the stakeholders.

Catalina-Adina Mindroiu-Manu


Adina is a qualified professional in the Marketing and Management field, with financial knowledge, owning a business in the hospitality industry that has grown from the scratch and provides appreciated services to its customers. Also, Adina has 3 years’ experience in crypto trading and finds this industry of high perspective.

Iulian Dragomir


Iulian is a an highly-skilled individual with a solid background in the technological sector. His analythic and strategic thinking fused with his experience in the software developement field will bring great value to creating the Metawander world.

Laura-Ioana Nae

Head of Development

Laura-Ioana Nae has a vast experience as a business advisor, business development and management of funds. With many successful businesses developed over the years. Laura-Ioana Nae will easily assist with the implementation of the project and come up with new expansion approaches.

Teodor Serban

Graphic Designer

Teodor is an enthusiastic young designer, activating for the past 6 years in marketing and graphic design industry. Over time Teodor has always gone the extra mile, as well as coming up with fresh and modern ideas that perfectly fit the needs of the project.

Rodica Mindroiu

Project Manager

Rodica has a lifetime experience in finance and as business advisor, owning a medium-sized company with more than 20 employees. Being an expert in coordinating teams and seeking targets, will be the greatest asset to the team.


The journey starts here.

Join us on our path to success! Follow us and stay up to date with the latest news until we shall travel again!

Beta Testing

The demo version is getting tested as we speak

Beta Testing
Q3 2024

Launch Date

Q3 2024

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