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Survival Arena:

Dominating the
Battle Royale Landscape

Welcome to Metawander,
the ultimate battle royale
experience that takes
combat to new heights.

We are Metawander, passionate creators of immersive gaming adventures.


Game Concept:

Dive into a heart-pounding world where only the strongest survive. Metawander offers a unique blend of intense action, strategy, and a visually stunning environment.


Monetization Strategy is very well established, therefore will be more ways that you can earn and improve your character. Winning battles will be the main monetization strategy, however you cand earn also by creating weapons or earning them and sell them on the Metawander Marketplace.

Seasonal Passes and Events
There will be constant events on the platform that will have high rewards for winning teams.​

Free-to-Play Model
The model will be free to play until a certain point when it will be necessary to upgrade your character and your weapons in order to start winning battles.

In-App Purchase
You will be able to buy weapons, accessorize for your character as well as battlegrounds.

Unique Selling Points

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Sky is the limit, from choosing you neighbourhood ground to fighting around the best cities around the world, you can configure your battleground based on your wishes.

Cross-Platform Play: Connect with friends and foes alike across multiple platforms for a truly global competition.

Immersive Storyline: The best team will rule the city!! Have you ever dreamed of playing by your own rules?! Then start fighting and become the best!!

Key Features

Development Roadmap

In-Game Items

Unique, rare, or limited-edition in-game items as NFTs.
These items can range from characters and weapons to skins and accessories, each with its own rarity and value.

Land and Property

The game involves a virtual world, selling virtual land or property as NFTs,
allowing players to own and monetize their digital spaces.

Marketplace Transaction Fees

We will be charging a small transaction fee for every NFT sale that occurs
on your in-game marketplace.
This can serve as a revenue stream for the game developer.

Subscription Models

Premium subscription services that provide subscribers with exclusive NFTs, early access to new releases, or increased rewards. This can create a steady, recurring revenue stream.

This is who we are



Vlad is an experienced manager with qualifications in multiple industries, from hospitality to business and legal. The tech and tourism industry has been of great interest for the past 4 years and has moved his focus on developing businesses in this area. With experience in sales will be a great link between the team and the stakeholders.



Adina is a qualified professional in the Management field, with financial knowledge, owning a business in the hospitality industry that has grown from the scratch and provides appreciated services to its customers. Also, Adina has 3 years’ experience in tourism and finds this industry of high perspective.



Laura-Ioana Nae has a vast experience as a business advisor, business development and management of funds. With many successful businesses developed over the years. Laura-Ioana Nae will easily assist with the implementation of the project and come up with new expansion approaches.


Head of Marketing

With an experience of over 7 years in Marketing, Florin is specialized in the area of ​​start-up business, helping over the years over 10 start-up projects to launch. He is close to crypto are from 2016 when he started as an investor.


Head of Development

Justin is an expert in the field of software development and a crypto and blockchain enthusiast. His extensive knowledge of software and application development is a wonderful complement to the team.


Head of Administrative

Adrian is the one who knows how to stick the team together. He has special skills in coordinating and arranging teams. After an experience of over 11 years in projects related to mobile application, Adrian took the step in web3.0 3 years ago.


Creative Manager

Mihai is a 3D Digital Artist who creates mind-boggling pictures using a variety of mediums and techniques. Procedural modelling, shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing are my areas of expertise. He primarily work with open-source software, although he is well-versed in a wide range of 3D packages.


Graphic Designer

Teodor is an enthusiastic young designer, activating for the past 6 years in marketing and graphic design industry. Over time Teodor has always gone the extra mile, as well as coming up with fresh and modern ideas that perfectly fit the needs of the project.


Community Manager

Madalin is a Community Manager with experience in the field and who puts passion in the work he does. His great communication and problem-solving skills are a good asset for the team, his main focus is on growing a healthy, active and fun community to be apart of.

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